Monday, 14 August 2017


Herro world !!! Before I am gonna start to study real bad for my exams I am gonna post a blog for you guys .πŸ’œ Today I am gonna share my July Favourites with you guys as you can see from the title above. Keep reading 😁😁😁→→→

1. Once Upon A Miao 2

This is a comic book from Malaysia and the author came to my school to give a talk about it. I already read the first book and wanted to read the second. It's talking about his life from very young until his teenage life.

2. Medal from Skate Malaysia 2017

Recently, I've joined this Ice Skating Competition called Skate Malaysia held in my country and there was other participants from other countries that also joined too. I got second place out of 3 pupils and I only joined 1 event as it was a really a late time to practice if I joined more events. Get it? haha. You may not get what I mean. Well anyways, just wanna share them with you guys :))

3. Top 3 favourite stuffies from Skate Malaysia 2017

So, after every performance that you have done. People will may or may not throw stuffies at you, and I received them. I received more than 3 but I just wanted to share 3 so yeaaaaa. Aren't they cute???? love them. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

4. Choker

My aunt actually thought it was a necklace until I wore it !!! We found out it was a choker. She got 1 for my sister and one for me but it has a different gem on it. I love it. It's so beautiful . Thanks aunt!!!

5. Escape The Night

Some of you guys may know what is Youtube Red and some you guys may not. Well if you may not, It's something like where YouTubers they come out with like a small TV series where the characters are YouTubers from all over the world !!! I hope I got my definition correctly !!! Anyways, this is a show that Joey Graceffa a YouTuber, came out with . AND I. LOVE . IT.
πŸ’™❤πŸ’œπŸ’›Like I seriously can't live without a show as good as this . As I am the type who likes mystery and a little bit of thriller, I LOVE THIS. It gets so exciting in every episode. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†I am currently waiting for the next episode to come out in season 2 . And I was kinda happy with the survivors for season 1 πŸ˜„πŸ˜„and as for season 2 I actually was rooting for Alex to win but he went in literally 4 times in total !!!! People usually only go in 3 times maximum I think. Haha , I'm crazy.

That's all I have for you guys today and hope you enjoyed this blog !!! Be sure to checkout my previous blog on My Creation of DIY . Stay tuned for the upcoming blog and comment answering what is your favourite type of movie to watch? See ya and byeeeee!!!!

XO Natalie
- 14 / 8 / 2017
( Guess what's the next date after the date above ? ) 😏😏

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Hey guys! I'm gonna share with you how to make this very easy DIY birthday gift that I made for my friend Le Ann for her birthday gift that I've given to her today ! Well , hope she liked it. Let's get on with the blog ➤➤➤

All you need for this DIY is just a computer or laptop , a photo frame that fits the size of your paper and a printer! That's all. 

1. Use the software ' Word ' which is used to be called ' Microsoft word ' or do they still call it ? Ya , maybe. Anyways , start off by choosing a border of your choice and after that add your receiver's name using word art and set the size of the word that you would like so as the design. 😁

2. Then find out what is your reciever's favourite colour and choose any picture that consists or is related to that colour that you chose. So, as you can see her favourite colour is pink and I tried my best to choose anything related to the colour pink and even put her idols wearing pink!!!

3. Arrange all the picture you chose in to a shape of a rectangle and make sure it's straight at the sides. Have some space in between each picture , which means don't stick the pictures together.

4. Then , print it out and pop it at the back of your photo frame and you are done!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

My blog has just ended! Hope you guys like this blog and Check out my June Favourites on my previous blog and be sure to check out future blogs in the future!!! The next post will be quite late because my school will be starting soon on the August 14 and i have alot of work to do. So yea. See you soon , BYEEEEEE!!!!!

XO Natalie
- 8 / 8 / 2017

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Herro humans !!! Today I'll be uploading another blog after many weeks. Sorry, I've been busy!!! But just gonna catch up with my monthly favourites blog for the month of June. Let's get started !!! ➤➤➤

1. Motivational Quote Picture // Frame 

A friend of mine gave me this in the month of June. I really like it as I like quotes that really relates and helps you on life. This is a pure example of some quotes I like. Really am lovin it ❤❤❤

2. Twitter

I recently downloaded twitter like on May and started to like and enjoy it loads in June. I don't really have a reason why I like it until I started using it almost daily. I used to even ask some people why do you like twitter and them themselves can't explain it. Now, I'm currently in their situation. :)))

3. The Vampire Diaries

If you guys have read my previous blogs, then you would know I love some TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Arrow , etc. I have no idea what is wrong with me, because I've been watching this TV show for many months before June and didn't even add it to my favourites. This is like my number 1 favourite thing // or whatever for June. I LOVE LOVE LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES . Whoever say Vampire Diaries isn't good or something they need to get their brain checked.

4. New Books

These are new books I've got that I ordered from school. These books are from the publishing company called Scholastic. 1 of the books are about YouTube which I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE !!!! The above is just 2 of them .

5. Pineapple Popsocket

My friend Sarah gave me this pineapple popsocket from Thailand and I'm lovin it so much that I haven't even used it yet!!! LOL. It's my first ever , very own popsocket. So lucky to have it. :))))

That's all I have today! Be sure to check out my previous blog to find out how to make a DIY creation of mine!!! Hope you like this blog and See you guys in the next blog. Byeeee!!!!

XO Natalie

- 26/7/2017

Friday, 7 July 2017


Hey guys! So I've just finished my trial exams and I decided I would be really happy to upload a new blog for you guys. Well I still have my so called big exams coming out called UPSR and yeaa. Anyways, let's just get on to the blog ➤


Get a photo frame of your choice 😊😊 ( It's the main thing you need so yeaa)


Take off the picture in the photoframe from the back. Use the picture that was taken off as a template for the next step.


Wrap up your picture template with an art block thick paper with glue. Remember to wrap it according to your template size. Just wrap it 1 layer and if you have any more acess then just cut it off!!!

Fourthly : 

The first picture shows how it looks like after the wrapping. So the second picture shows that just get some paint , paint brushes , cup of water and your so called canvas and paint whatever picture you would like for your friend!!! 


Wait for your artwork to dry and place it back in your photo frame with the glass and yes there you have it!!! ( Sorry I forgotten to add my ending artwork pic!!!) 

Thats all I have today for this blog and I hope any of you guys will recreate it!!! Hope you guys like it and comment down below if you want to see more DIY's from me and I'll be gladly to do it. You can also give me some ideas on what to post on the next blog? Ok bye guys and see ya!!!! 

XO Natalie
- 8 / 7 / 2017

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Hey guys! So today, I'm gonna talk about dealing with haters. Recently, a friend of mine came to me and talk to me about how she felt about haters. I comforted her and I hope that I could comfort any 1 of you guys if you are dealing with hate.

- Leave Them Out -

When I say leave them out, does not really mean forget about them, but it means don't let them ruin your lives. Because if they do, you are going to have mixed feelings which you don't wanna feel. You rule your own life and no one other than yourself can control it.It may be hard to find a way to leave them out when they are always on your mind, but there will be always a way to go through that dark hole you are in and start a brighter one. You will always have that strength inside you that fight through anything. It's just that are you willing to find it and use it?

 - Do Something You Enjoy -

Always do something that makes you feel free. Do something that can distract you in the meantime and have some fun. Because when you have that fun you won't have to think too much and just relax and stay happy. You can literally do whatever you desire that makes you feel calm and stop thinking of so many different types of things that can make your brain explode. It may only help you for awhile until the darker feelings come but at least you felt that enjoyment for awhile.

- Focus On The People That You Love And Loves You -

There is no reason to think of the people who hates you. Because it will only make you feel worst. Believe me I felt that before and I hate that feeling so much. So. just think of the people you love and treasure most. Because they are the ones who brightens up your life right? They are the ones you should be thinking of, they could be your enjoyment. They could be the ones who makes you feel happier when you use the point before this. They will be always the one who loves and care about you.

- Make New Friends -

Making new friends can just lead you to a better path. You can start over with new people who can maybe be better than the ones before. You wouldn't know. And, you may not have found them yet, but I'm sure one day in your life, you are going to find that person that you are really going to appreciate and cherish them for loving you for who you are. They are going to change you life in so many different ways.

- Change -

If you think that you are the one who is at fault and you dislike how your attitude is? Change yourself. But remember don't do it for others but yourself, because who knows one day it will give you a brighter future or bring you to a better path to live in. Changing yourself isn't too late because you will soon love yourself at one stage. Remember to only change the bad qualities of you , because you don't wanna change the good ones. Everyone has bad qualities and good ones, even I myself have them, because I know that nobody is perfect. So, slowly try to make yourself better.

That's all I have for today! I really hope that I help somebody in some way. Hope you guys find it helpful and see you next time! Be sure to check out my previous blog and BYEEEEE!!!

XO Natalie
- 25/6/2017

Monday, 5 June 2017


Hey guys! I'm back with today's blog on favourites again. So this months favourites is here to share with you below!  Hope you enjoy it and let's get into it! ➡➡➡

1. Bath and Body Works ( Body Mist Dark Kiss)

This is one of the presents I received 2 years ago!!! πŸ˜‚ By my friend Aira as a Christmas gift and I just started using it !!! I love the scent of it and the colour. It is so so lovely. Thank you Aira , am loving it! ❤

2. Cute Mini Notebook

THIS IS SO SO CUTEEEEEE!!! It is truly a mistake not to put this in, in my previous favourite blogs. But I finally have! My friend Trisha gave this to me and it is super adorable. I actually did some stuff inside already! Thank you πŸ’œπŸ’œ

3. Cream Cheese Pasta

I ate this few days ago but I don't have a picture of it 😯 sorry! But I love love love it so absolutely much. It's just so yummy. 😊

4. Floral Notebooks

I bought this from MR DIY and I really like the design and colour. It was very cheap and pretty. I write my notes here such as Ice Skating so yea! 


OH. MY . GLOB. I still can't believe I have this book. It was my dream to get it and i really did. And it was initially super expensive but I got it for like RM40? That is because I had a discount on the book, a membership discount and a RM30 voucher. Still am speechless. ❤ 

6. Once Upon A Miao 2 Book

The author Jian Goh came to my school and I got his 2nd book as I already read the 1st. It came with his signature!!! Happy to get it! πŸ’™

Hope you enjoy it and that is the end of this blog. Be sure to check out my previous blog to find out about My Adeventure through BAWSE BOOK TOUR In Kuala Lumpur. I'm not sure if I will be posting alot now so if I don't then I'm sorry as my upcoming big exams are coming and I really need to focus. I will try my very best to find time and blog. Anyways, Byeeee! 

XO Natalie
- 5/6/2017

Friday, 26 May 2017


I SAW LILLY SINGHHHH!!! Oh My Glob I still couldn't believe it. She is one of the YouTubers I love most. I went for her book tour called How To Be A Bawse on Tuesday, 23rd May 2017. It was a wonderful night and she made the whole audience laugh until all of us were crying. These are some of the photos from that night:

Just wanted to share my night so I hope you enjoy this blog. Be sure to check out my previous blog if you haven't already. Stay tuned for more blogssss to come out soon! Byeee!

XO Natalie
- 27/5/2017