Monday, 2 October 2017


Hey guys ! Today I'll have another Favourites blog for you guys for the previous month, September! Some of the items here were discovered / bought literally on the last day of September. Let's go !

1. The Ice Cream Bar 

OH MY GOODNESS. THIS ICE CREAM IS SO SO YUMMY. If you love Ice Cream like me, then thi is a must try. This is the thing that I discovered on the last day of September that I'll seriously will never forget. It's soooo good. The one on the left is a Durian flavour and I bet if my friends are reading this they'll be like " later you become mabok !" meaning I'll become drunk. Durian makes me drunk so yea. And the one on the right is Chocolate flavour that was eaten by my sister. And that tastes really good too! Other than the ice cream which has good taste and great quality, the place inside is so relazed and a good place to chillout !

2. Run ( Run Hide Seek Series )

I didn't think I'll start liking this book until I start reading it. I'm not obsessed with is but I still love it, gettit? Well anyways I think some parts in this book really gets mysterious and also at some points it gives me the chills. At some points it was toooooo exciting until I almost ped in my pants! I think it's a very good book by Gabby Tye and guess what, she published this book at the age of 14 and it's soooo good. If  the picture isn't clear then I shall tell You The tiltle is called Run Hide Seek and it's a trilogy by Gabby Tye.

Thanks Lauren for lending me this intresting book  ! And it's okay because I prefer Connor over Jae so you don't need to get mad at me .

3. Marble Pencil Case

I've got this from my trip to Thailand that i came back like around 2 weeks ago and it's so cutee. I really like marble especially white marble so I think it's a great choice for me. I'll probably  use it for other uses not necessarily for school as it will get dirty easily so I decided to compile some other stuff for it !

4. So MAny Books so little Time T - Shirt

I got this shirt also from Thailand and I think is really extremely relatable to myself. Because I honestly have a lot and still have a lot of books with me that is unread yet. But, of course I'll be sure to read it becuse I love books and I like the summary of it so I'll obviously am gonna red them soon!

5. Tank Tops

I've got this from one of thee shops in Thailand too and they sell many tank tops there. I bought 4 pieces of tank tops but here I only show you 3 because one of them is washing so yea! I really like all the tank tops I got and I think it will blend well with some outfits that will make it simple and nice. I love them all but the doggy one ( bulldog ) with the christmas tree headband is a little bit more lovable than the others . THAT ONE IS TOOOOOOO CUTE .

6. Sumikko Gurashi items

6 .The sumikko gurashi sticker is from my friend Lauren and the other 2 is from Thailand ( from me ) . The 2 plushy isn't the original ones though but both of it is very similar to the original ones just slight differences over there . 😊 Well, I still appreciate and cherish it a lot. So happy to have it !

Soooo, that's all I have for this blog and hope to see you guys soon with another blogg! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and enjoy my favourites 'series'. okayy bye for now !

XO Natalie
- 14 / 10 / 2017 

Sunday, 24 September 2017


Hey guys! I just finish my exams and I am so happy as I can get back to blogging!!! Yayyy. My birthday just passed and I received presents from friends and family! PS. my birthday was on August 15 ( if you're wondering ). So to get to the point, I'm gonna blog about what I got for my birthday! Since I'm gonna blog about this, then I won't be doing an August favourites. Sorry if it dissapoints any of you guys! OH YES I FORGOTTEN TO TELL YOU, I'm gonna write maybe 2 or more gifts in like each section  as I'm dividing it bse on the person who gave me. Get it? Well it's okay, You will !! OH WAIT, I'm gonna say a few sentences for each gift only, so no lenghty ones here ! 😊

- The Body Shop Bathroom Set // From : Cathleen ( August 14 ) -

The scent of this gift by her is so wonderful and I love it so much! Makes me so relax when I smell it. This will really come in handy for me one day! BTW I call her August 14 because her birthday is August 14 and mine 15 sooooooo. Okay, Thanks Cath!!!

- Cabatree Evelyn Bathroom Set and Quote Painting // From : Xin hui // Teddy Bear -

The quote painting gift is so thoughtful and beautiful , I love it. And the painted colours is so pretty and makes me feel like I'm in the sea. HAHA. The scent of the bathroom set is rose if I'm not wrong and its sweet which means it has a really nice smell to make me feel good ? HAHA. THANKS TEDDY!!!

- Birthday Card // From : Ray Qin -

This card consists of such a meaningful message by her. It brighten up my day and It was worth reading it. The hard work that she had put in to write the message and to add on creative decorations was worth it as I aprreciate it so much. THANK YOU RAY QIN.

- Bath and Body Works Set ( body mist and body lotion) // From : Aira // Ra -

She literally bought the gift right in front of me and I was kind of not noticing , but let's say she bought it . I like the packaging and yes I know I may be weird because I even like the packaging. I really like the hand cream and I honestly already put some on my hand JUST ONCE and it was soooo nice. Thanks RA. 

- Bath and Body Works Body Soap // From : Jeremiah and Jonas -

It has a very sweet scent that I think is absoulutely amazing and that I love. I'm gonna use it one day but not so soon yet. Can't wait to use this beautiful body soap that I really am thankful for!! Thanks Jerry and Jonas!

- Zoella Beauty Pouch // From : Sarah , Pretty Sarah , Sarah Bear Bear , Salah and Wahpow master 101 -

Yes, I know I have a lot of names for her. Anyways, I seriously did not expect that I will get this present and even in life. My reaction when I got this present from her and opened it in front of her was like OMG and I fell down and hit on the school lockers a little. I really love it and have no idea wht to use it for because I think it will probably be on display. HAHA okay , THANKS SARAHHHHH.

- Bath and Body Works Body Mist ( Midnight Pomegranate ) // From : Ashley, Pizza Queen and Ms Fab - 

Everyone calls her the above names, I’m not the only one. AND FOR THIS ONE, SHE LITERALLY BOUGHT THIS RIGHT INFORNT OF ME AND I WAS LIKE WHAT NOOOO. But I was forced to and if I don’t choose the scent that I wanted she would still buy me the same thing but in a different scent. BUT THANK YOU MS FABULOUS I LOVE IT AND I PROBABLY WILL USE IT SOON. It’s toooo bootiful or nice to use though. ♛♕

- Pouch and Bag // From : Avril , Tomato , Queen and I HATE YOU person -

The elephant pouch that she gave me , I've already started using it and I think it's very useful. And the owl bag is like so nice and I'm srsly am gonna use it well. BOTH OF IT IS SO PWETTYYY. Thank you my Queen for giving me such a useful gift. πŸ’–

- Pencil Holder w/ a whiteboard and chalkboard // From : Jessie -

This pressie is set on my desk beside my bed and I write all my to - do list on the whiteboard and it's very useful for me because I always do to - do list every single day. So, I can just wake up with a bunch of things to do wirtten on the whiteboard or chalkboard. I also think it's very cute with the 2 mini circular magnets. Thank you for this wonderful cute gift ! πŸ’œ

- Personalized Doggy Pouch // From : Sean // Watermelon -

THE DOGGY IS SO CUTE . That was my first reaction when I saw it. I love dogs so much that's why. He got it from Thailand and I really appreciate it and I could really out some things inside. I really love the dog though. HAHA. THANK YOU WATERMELON !!! πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰

- Bracelets // From : Christy // Mei -

I low key tried one of the bracelets after school and I really wanted to try it when she gave it to me because I was tempted so ya. AND GUESS WHAT, it fits perfectly and I LOVE ALL OF IT. I even tried wearing it as a anklet ( I know I’m embarrassing myself ) . Yes, I’m weird but it’s just so BOOTIFUL. THANK YOU MEI !!! HOPE YOU SEE THIS.

- Painitng // From : Aunty Sharon -

This painting is like OMG I HAVE NO WORDS. I love this painting so much! She literally painted it herself and even the words were written so beautifully. The dream catcher was made by Uncle Jack and it turns out so beautiful , too beautiful that even my eyes can’t handle. I hung it up in my room and it made my room so much prettier. HAHA. THANK YOUUU.

- Cards and LaurDIY Photo // From : Le Ann -

Some of you guys might know that My Idol is LaurDIY who is a YouTuber and yes I love YouTube. Anyways, My friend Le Ann gave me this pressie that has Lauren in it with her name or logo? That is one of my favourite pic of Lauren! The 2 cards she gave me was much appreciated and I’m so glad to have a friend like her ! THANK YOU LE TO THE ANN.

-  Quote Painting , Journal set and a Card // From : Shavita -

This quote painting is like making me feel like I’m part of the quote. Gettit? Well, the background of the painting = love and quote of the painting = love love. HEHE HAHA. This diary / journal / notebook is making my brain so glittery because it’s so called full of glitter! AND the card is filled with such meaningful words that each word is so important to me. I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THE GIFTS THANK YOU MS.

- Marble Notebook w/ a Card // From : Lauren // Looren -

OH MY GOODNESS. First, I love marble and second, I love rose gold. So, you will know how I love it. I’m gonna 100% use this for like 1 of my Journals with so much love for it. THANKS LOOREENENENENEEN I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

- Necklace // From : Varsha // Visha -

This necklace came with a pair of earings , but I don't wear earings so I shall keep it and use the necklace. I really like the gems or diamonds on the necklace thatv strikes out. It's a very beautiful gift. Thanks VISHA.

- Personalized Bag // From : Aunt Denise , Sheane and Sally -

The first thought that came in to my mind when I saw this pressie was “ IT’S SO CUTE “ and it really is. It has my name on it and given by whom. It’s so cute and I can really use this for many things. I already used it and brought it to Starbucks HAHA. Thanks to 2 members of the midget family.

- Birthday Video // From : Laetitia // Sister -

My sister gave me this pressie than actually means a lot to me. It’s a video but she separate them to 2. She showed my ugly pictures and videos with a voiceover in it. She told bad stuff and some good stuff in it, it was about a 50 good and 50 bad. But I love it and treasure it with my whole heart and this is such meaningful present that is worth of keeping. THANK YOU JIE.

- Picture / Quote Decor // From : Trisha -

I love this pressie like to the max. The quotes means so much to me and with the pictures that I srsly love, it makes me speechless to describe how much I love this pressie. I hung it up on my wall put it fell. I’m gonna use a much stronger tape for it then ! I honestly really really extremely love the quotes and some relates to me and our friendship. Trisha if you read this, The winnie the pooh quote is my favourite . THANK YOU .


Thanks for all these wondeful gifts guys. πŸ’– I appreciate it so much and all of it means a lot to me. To me, it isn;t about how big or nice the present is , it's about the thought. All I can say is a big Thank you to you guys. 

Hope you guys enjoy this blog ! See you in the next blog that I may or may not be revealing something new ! Bye guys . 

XO Natalie
- 24 / 9 / 2017

Thursday, 24 August 2017


There are many reasons to lie. Sometimes you just want to , you have to or you have been forced to. There are many types of lies that are unexplainable. Most of the lies turn to heartbreak and sadness, your trust on that person has faded away and it's just so hard to let it go because you put the trust on them first but they just threw it way as if it's nothing to them. Unless it really is.

If you don't want to end up hurting anyone with lies , then you should stop doing whatever type you are doing now. Because lies not only break's your friendship or relationship , it breaks you. To a million pieces. 

Lies has broken me before. I am telling you it hurts alot and when I say alot I mean A LOT. Honestly, I have hurt people with lies as well, with or without realising it. And you have no idea how much I regretted doing it because whenever they are sad I break too. 

I bet I'm not the only ones who hates the lies going on. 

If you are thinking you are alone in this types of situations, don't be , because we are all in this together and I have even felt like I was alone at times. But always remember, that you are strong to fight through your enemy no matter what. You are going to fall at some points but be powerful and bring yourself right back up. You're gonna survive , and you should. 

Leave the bad memories made behind and don't look back. It will only hurt you even more and you wouldn't get through the pain fast. You may have some breakdowns now. Just let it all out . You will or may feel much better because that is a sign you are trying to get through it. That is the process of getting through something. For an example . You fall on the road . You bleed. You cry. You find a way to make the wound better . You stand right back up. It's the same process. 

Yes, it's not easy. And it wouldn't be that fast, but it will be faster than looking back at your old memories first and only starting later on. You should have the courage to start now. Like they always say ; Now or never. And the answer is now. Start now or it's to late to look back and regret. You have the strenght to. Like I always say. Use it.

Remember to never let anyone's lies bring you down because it will only make you feel worst and I bet most of you don't deserve it. So, don't let it and remember you can do it, you can fight through the hard times you are going through. I believe that you can, so that means you will. 

The world shouldn't be doing unnecessary lies towards each other , because it will only create war or despair and I'm telling you it won't end well. So let's make it s better place starting by ourselves and the future. Most importantly be yourself and always be true to yourself. That's the most important part , because you are not gonna lie to yourself either. Whether it's bad or not, just admit it. 

Thank you guys for reading this blog πŸ–€ Check out my previous blog to find out what I have in for July favourites. I'll be posting my next post after September 14 as my exams are in 18 days. Have a great night. Byeeee!!!

XO Natalie
- 24 /8/2017

Monday, 14 August 2017


Herro world !!! Before I am gonna start to study real bad for my exams I am gonna post a blog for you guys .πŸ’œ Today I am gonna share my July Favourites with you guys as you can see from the title above. Keep reading 😁😁😁→→→

1. Once Upon A Miao 2

This is a comic book from Malaysia and the author came to my school to give a talk about it. I already read the first book and wanted to read the second. It's talking about his life from very young until his teenage life.

2. Medal from Skate Malaysia 2017

Recently, I've joined this Ice Skating Competition called Skate Malaysia held in my country and there was other participants from other countries that also joined too. I got second place out of 3 pupils and I only joined 1 event as it was a really a late time to practice if I joined more events. Get it? haha. You may not get what I mean. Well anyways, just wanna share them with you guys :))

3. Top 3 favourite stuffies from Skate Malaysia 2017

So, after every performance that you have done. People will may or may not throw stuffies at you, and I received them. I received more than 3 but I just wanted to share 3 so yeaaaaa. Aren't they cute???? love them. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

4. Choker

My aunt actually thought it was a necklace until I wore it !!! We found out it was a choker. She got 1 for my sister and one for me but it has a different gem on it. I love it. It's so beautiful . Thanks aunt!!!

5. Escape The Night

Some of you guys may know what is Youtube Red and some you guys may not. Well if you may not, It's something like where YouTubers they come out with like a small TV series where the characters are YouTubers from all over the world !!! I hope I got my definition correctly !!! Anyways, this is a show that Joey Graceffa a YouTuber, came out with . AND I. LOVE . IT.
πŸ’™❤πŸ’œπŸ’›Like I seriously can't live without a show as good as this . As I am the type who likes mystery and a little bit of thriller, I LOVE THIS. It gets so exciting in every episode. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†I am currently waiting for the next episode to come out in season 2 . And I was kinda happy with the survivors for season 1 πŸ˜„πŸ˜„and as for season 2 I actually was rooting for Alex to win but he went in literally 4 times in total !!!! People usually only go in 3 times maximum I think. Haha , I'm crazy.

That's all I have for you guys today and hope you enjoyed this blog !!! Be sure to checkout my previous blog on My Creation of DIY . Stay tuned for the upcoming blog and comment answering what is your favourite type of movie to watch? See ya and byeeeee!!!!

XO Natalie
- 14 / 8 / 2017
( Guess what's the next date after the date above ? ) 😏😏

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Hey guys! I'm gonna share with you how to make this very easy DIY birthday gift that I made for my friend Le Ann for her birthday gift that I've given to her today ! Well , hope she liked it. Let's get on with the blog ➤➤➤

All you need for this DIY is just a computer or laptop , a photo frame that fits the size of your paper and a printer! That's all. 

1. Use the software ' Word ' which is used to be called ' Microsoft word ' or do they still call it ? Ya , maybe. Anyways , start off by choosing a border of your choice and after that add your receiver's name using word art and set the size of the word that you would like so as the design. 😁

2. Then find out what is your reciever's favourite colour and choose any picture that consists or is related to that colour that you chose. So, as you can see her favourite colour is pink and I tried my best to choose anything related to the colour pink and even put her idols wearing pink!!!

3. Arrange all the picture you chose in to a shape of a rectangle and make sure it's straight at the sides. Have some space in between each picture , which means don't stick the pictures together.

4. Then , print it out and pop it at the back of your photo frame and you are done!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

My blog has just ended! Hope you guys like this blog and Check out my June Favourites on my previous blog and be sure to check out future blogs in the future!!! The next post will be quite late because my school will be starting soon on the August 14 and i have alot of work to do. So yea. See you soon , BYEEEEEE!!!!!

XO Natalie
- 8 / 8 / 2017

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Herro humans !!! Today I'll be uploading another blog after many weeks. Sorry, I've been busy!!! But just gonna catch up with my monthly favourites blog for the month of June. Let's get started !!! ➤➤➤

1. Motivational Quote Picture // Frame 

A friend of mine gave me this in the month of June. I really like it as I like quotes that really relates and helps you on life. This is a pure example of some quotes I like. Really am lovin it ❤❤❤

2. Twitter

I recently downloaded twitter like on May and started to like and enjoy it loads in June. I don't really have a reason why I like it until I started using it almost daily. I used to even ask some people why do you like twitter and them themselves can't explain it. Now, I'm currently in their situation. :)))

3. The Vampire Diaries

If you guys have read my previous blogs, then you would know I love some TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Arrow , etc. I have no idea what is wrong with me, because I've been watching this TV show for many months before June and didn't even add it to my favourites. This is like my number 1 favourite thing // or whatever for June. I LOVE LOVE LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES . Whoever say Vampire Diaries isn't good or something they need to get their brain checked.

4. New Books

These are new books I've got that I ordered from school. These books are from the publishing company called Scholastic. 1 of the books are about YouTube which I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE !!!! The above is just 2 of them .

5. Pineapple Popsocket

My friend Sarah gave me this pineapple popsocket from Thailand and I'm lovin it so much that I haven't even used it yet!!! LOL. It's my first ever , very own popsocket. So lucky to have it. :))))

That's all I have today! Be sure to check out my previous blog to find out how to make a DIY creation of mine!!! Hope you like this blog and See you guys in the next blog. Byeeee!!!!

XO Natalie

- 26/7/2017